What’s on the Horizon at UW-Richland

An array of innovations, new programs, new classes and more are on the horizon at the University of Wisconsin-Richland for the coming new year, according to a press release issued today. As 2013 approaches, faculty and staff at the Richland Center UW campus look forward to changes and new opportunities the new year will bring, new ways to teach, to engage and provide services to the community.

In the Office of Student Services, they’re looking forward to launching the Flexible Option degree program and the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Science degree, both designed with adult learners in mind, and to the continued growth of Academic Alliance 2.0, a program that helps qualified high school students earn college credit while they’re still in high school.

“I’m very excited about the anticipated launch of the Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences in 2013. It presents a tremendous opportunity for Richland Center and surrounding communities in the areas of internship and service learning placements. And a tremendous opportunity for place bound adults to complete a degree,” said Joanna Muller, BAAS Professional Experience Coordinator.

Another change coming in the Student Services office is a new system to help advisors better connect with high school students and adults seeking information about UW-Richland. Student Service Coordinator Lisa Behling said it will help them do a better job of providing information and follow-up.

Darlo Wentz in the Foundation Office said that he hopes to see continued growth in the amount of scholarship funds available to help UW-Richland students. In recent years, the Foundation program has provided about $100,000 in scholarships each year. Wentz said that the Foundation also expects to further develop the Smart Farm in 2013 and to develop continued giving to meet other needs of students and the campus.

The UW-Richland Continuing Education office looks forward to starting the new year by offering four new short-term courses for lifelong learners this spring—Cartooning, Calligraphy, Painting with Acrylics and Cake Decorating. Beginning in February, they plan a three-lecture series focusing on Richland Center’s Frank Lloyd Wright-designed A.D. German Warehouse.

Users of the UW-Richland website will likely see a completely new design by about midyear, one with a number of features expected to make it more user-friendly. University Relations Program Manager Dorothy Thompson is working with the UW Colleges central design/technical web team and campus people to develop the new site.

Faculty, too, are planning an array of new things—from teaching techniques, to adding new material, to teaching new courses.

Dr. Teresa Schueller from the biological sciences department looks forward to teaching two courses for the first time: Human Sexuality and Reproduction is offered during Winterim, Jan. 3 – 23, and Animal Behavior is a course offered for the first time on campus in the spring semester.

The UW-Richland history department has been developing some new approaches to homework and in-class interaction to provide students with greater access to differing viewpoints. Associate Professor of history Dr. Aharon Zorea has also been experimenting with live-capture of class sessions, recording the discussion with video and audio, capturing notes written on the board, and material projected on the screen. “These recordings do not replace the traditional face-to-face classroom experience, but they do provide students with a wealth of new resources to better remember, understand, and utilize the classroom discussion even after the sessions have ended,” Zorea said. “This technology may also allow students who live out of town to participate in a live discussion on their traditional computer—without the need of extra hardware or software. The history department is very excited about using technology to enhance a very old subject, in a very traditional way.” Other departments, too, are using streaming video to enhance their classes.

Students, too, are planning for 2013. According to UW-Richland student government advisor Karen Stoltz, Student Senate is planning a couple of study events with professors this spring, as well as a Welcome Back and a Valentine’s dance, and, of course, the annual Roadrunner Road Rallye, also open to alumni, on May 3.

For more information about UW-Richland, visit the campus website at richland.uwc.edu or call (608) 647-6186.

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